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You will be able to place bets on any betting event from around the world.  Major and minor sporting events like soccer, cricket, horse racing, motor racing, rugby, basketball, baseball, American and Australian style football, darts, pool, field and ice hockey, swimming and many more events are available on these sites for betting.  Major events like the Super bowl, world cup soccer, rugby or cricket are also covered by these betting sites.  Kenyan bettors will be able to do financial and elections betting online as well.  Your free bets you will receive when you register your account will give you the opportunity to explore some of these betting opportunities.

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The suggested betting sites listed on this page have all the different types of bets Kenyan bettors could possibly want to bet on, available.  Place a bet on the coin toss, the winner of an event, multiple bets and even who the man of the match will be.  Kenyan bettors will find the easiest to the most complicated bets available to them which they can explore at their own convenience by using their free bets they will receive when registering an account with one of the betting sites suggested on this page.

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