Boxing Betting Online Options

There are few sports that can compare to the exhilaration and thrill of boxing, definitely a sport that makes enormous demands on the men and women participating. A lot of matches take place all over the world for most of the year, with an extensive pool of fighters in competition for diverse titles, and, luckily for those who don’t have the time to attend all the matches they would like to, boxing betting is as easy to do online as watching the matches has become.

Boxing Betting for Kenyan Bettors

Boxing matches have two fighters set in opposition to each other, with the intention of each being to score a KO, or knockout punch, or gather more points on the whole than his or her rival. These are awarded by judges as the rounds are completed and are based on the punches landed on each contestant by the other.

Each round of a boxing match is a few minutes long, and a match can see twelve or more rounds taking place, the number being contingent on the match structure. When a fighter has been knocked to the floor of the ring and cannot regain their footing within the 10 second limit a KO is scored, but if one fails to occur within a match, the winner will be decided on a points basis, with these being awarded for landed punches.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites

Do yourself a favour and take advantage of the ratings and reviews provided for the Kenyan sportsbooks right here when trying to choose which sports betting site to sign up at. You are not limited to your desktop computer or laptop either, as a variety of platforms are supported, and you will have access to all the latest odds, boxing betting markets and breaking news whenever you need it.

Kenyans Starting Boxing Betting Online

Bettors who would like to start exploring their boxing betting options will find all the necessary information right here. Find out about bet types, odds athletes from one of the fine sportsbooks available here and get started laying wagers as soon as you would like.

The three most popular boxing betting options would be the Moneyline, Total and Knock Out bets. Moneyline bets compare to Win bets for other sporting activities, with the added element of a line being provided for a draw as well. Total bets afford Kenyan bettors the opportunity to bet on two aspects of the match, how many rounds will make it up and how many points will be scored. These are usually set up as Over/Under wagers, and will really put your knowledge of the fighters and the sport itself to the test. You will only collect your payout if a fighter is knocked out if you choose a Knock Out bet, so be sure and do your homework when it comes to making these wagers.

Sign up for an online account at a great Kenyan punting site today and start boxing betting right away. Titles, classes and leagues are there for the choosing, and you can find promotion fights, title fights and even Olympic matches to place a wager on as you like.