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This site brings you the best sportsbetting action in Kenya and has become a respected informational resource for both new and experienced bettors. Entering the world of online sportsbetting for the first time can be daunting and aside from not necessarily understanding all the terminology, odds and betting types available it can also be tricky determining whether the sportsbook you have chosen is really suited to your style of wagering.

An Online Betting Resource

At OnlineBetting.co.ke we take the mystery out of choosing a sportsbook that really delivers and we also supply you with information about everything you need to know when betting online. This means that as a beginner you won’t feel out of your depth when you place your first bet and you can benefit from being informed about the type of wagering you are embarking on. This site is an excellent source of information for every new sportbettors and we aim to be Kenya’s first choice when it comes to looking for an online sportsbook.

We don’t just cater to beginner bettors; we are also here to assist those with sportsbetting experience in improving their betting. Whether you are looking for a new place to wager or want to find out which sites make the grade or offer the best free bets and bonuses, you can do it all here. With sportsbetting there’s always something new to learn and with the mobile industry growing at such a rapid pace our team of experts keeps tabs on the latest developments and makes sure that you benefit from them.

Reviewing the Best Kenyan Sportsbooks

It’s no small task to review online sportsbooks that welcome Kenyans but our team was up for the challenge and continue to research and review betting options that just might suit you. To obtain an accurate overview of what each sportsbook has to offer our reviewers spent a couple of weeks trying out the sites and betting on a variety of different sports and races. From making a deposit to withdrawing winnings, contacting support for assistance and comparing odds, we eventually managed to narrow down which sportsbooks really offer the best all-round experience.

Reputation plays a large part in online betting and the success of a sportsbook, so you’ll be sure to find some of the biggest names in the industry represented on our site. We only align ourselves with those bookmakers that offer a quality betting experience and often those who are established and stood the test of time in a very competitive market are the ones that rise to the top. When we review a site we take into account how long it’s been in operation; and the longer it’s been around, the higher the standards we demand.

Kenya’s Finest Sportsbetting Sites

When you browse through all the information we have on our site you’ll quickly see how our team’s years of experience and incredible knowledge of the industry can benefit you. It’s our intention to always supply you with the very best in online betting and with this site we hope to fulfil our aim and assist in growing the online Kenyan betting community and ensuring that high standards are always maintained.

Should you have any questions about the sites that we recommend or betting online please feel free to contact us at your convenience.