The Best Online Totes in Kenya

Get the best online totes when betting at the suggested Kenyan-friendly sportsbooks listed on this page.  Tote is a colloquial name used for betting odds and is commonly used in betting for bets of a particular type which has been combined in a pool.  The bookmaker’s fee or juice has been removed and the payoff odds are calculated by a pool shared among all winning bets.

Tote refers to the system also commonly known as pari-mutuel betting.  Tote betting removes the house odds which don’t give one person or a group an advantage over another.  This means that, if ten people win the same bet, the winnings will be split equally between the ten bettors without giving an advantage.  The best online totes give Kenyan bettors a fair payout on winning bets.

The Best Online Totes & Pay Offs

Tote bets usually pay off at the odds offered at the time of accepting a bet but will also use the median odds offered by track bookmakers at the time a race started as an alternative.  The total pool of a bet is split fairly between winners with consideration of the different odds offered when the bet was placed. Odds are only available after the tote has closed and this adds to the excitement for many Kenyans who are enjoying betting online.

Type of Events Covered with the Best Online Totes

Tote betting is not restricted to a certain sports event.  Kenyan bettors will be able to place tote bets on events such as horse racing, basketball tournaments, super bowl and league games.  The best online totes are available to Kenyan bettors at the suggested betting sites listed on this page.

The Benefits of an Online Tote

Most sports bets allow bettors to place bets on the odds offered by bookmakers.  This means that you might bet on a game and win just the amount offered according to these betting odds.  An example of this would be the betting odds were 1:2 which means you will receive two times your betting amount if you win the bet.  When placing tote bets, the winnings are so much richer as the entire amount less the commission of the bookmaker offering the best online totes.  All the bets are added together to create a pool.  The total pool amount is then divided evenly in the case of multiple bet winners or paid out in total if only one individual bettor wins the bet.

Use Only the Best Betting Sites for Online Totes

It is suggested Kenyan bettors use one of the betting sites suggested on this page as these betting sites are the best available.  Bettors will receive excellent benefits when joining one of these sites in the form of expert betting tips up to date statistics on events and participants.  The best betting odds and the best online totes are available at these sites due to the vast number of bettors placing their bets through these sites.  Using a less popular betting site means Kenyan bettors won’t enjoy the same high stakes or benefits offered by these top notch betting sites.  Register your account with one of these suggested online betting sites and reap the reward they offer Kenyan bettors.